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Saturday, October 16, 2010

FMDS-16 Blocks Fashion Show, Blacksburg

Fashion show in blacksburg virginia, Virginia Tech Fashion

Thursday I attended my first fashion show since moving back to Virginia. 16 Blocks Magazine and the Virginia Tech Fashion Merchandising and Design Society put on this show in Downtown Blacksburg. There were some impressive designs by some of the student designers, and some local stores were featured as well. I look forward to another show by the ladies at VT. I was very surprised to see many looks that were beyond the typical trends found anywhere along the Blue Ridge. If only the men's selection matched the classiness that I saw on the ladies, the show would have been perfect! Boys will be boys, and unfortunately, I don't think my opinion of casual and well dressed will ever become the norm outside of cities and business class.

Since I work events and weddings, I understand that sometimes you are at the mercy of the venue, but I think lighting was the only element lacking along the runway. Though it didn't hinder my view from the front row, my poor little camera suffered. I spent most of the night adjusting the settings about every third photo hoping for better results, but moving objects and dim lighting aren't my camera's forte. So some of my favorite selections from the night came out blurry or not at all. It seemed that my camera had favorites, and the same few models seemed to come in focus more than others. What can I do.

I should have a new camera in about a year, but till then, I shall work with what I got and stick to daylight hours.

Well, I have a lot of editing and touching up to do. Next week will be a full week of posts all from the show, so check back every day.

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