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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Trusting Your Instinct..

As a street-fashion photographer/blogger, I have learned that you have to set rules to be successful. It works like this: you walk around, you find someone you like, you walk up and introduce yourself, ask to take a picture, hope they say yes, give them a few seconds to get relaxed (as much as they can), adjust the camera settings, take their picture (I take 3), show them the pictures if they ask, give them website info, say thank you and walk away. All of this takes about 1-2 minutes. It's fast, it works, and it's fun.

Today I saw a man out in a suit with his date and I got excited. Not to say that he didn't wear his suit well, it just wasn't really what I would be looking for if there were a large amount of suit wearers in this town.

So today, I broke one of my rules.

Rule Broken - If I'm going to shoot a couple or group, they both or all have to be what I'm looking for, not just one of them.

Sartorially speaking, this young man's date looked fabulous, and though his wardrobe was nice, he was clearly trying too hard to look cool. I should have trusted my gut and not asked them for a photo. So you may wonder what happened? Well they were running late for a wedding, and I got my first 'No' since moving to Virginia. Running late is a good reason to pass on me, and I respect that. Which could bring up another one of my rules.. Do not ask people for photos when they look like they are in a hurry to get somewhere.

It was also a fresh reminder that men in this part of the country do not get dressed up just for the sake of looking nice.. There has to be a reason, and that's too bad. Oh well.. Time to review the rule book and hit the streets again next week. Happy Weekend.

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