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Monday, November 29, 2010

On the Street with Dirty Richmond.

So if you live in Virginia, read fashion blogs, and haven't found Dirty Richmond yet you need to get with the program. Dirty Richmond is one of the few blogs I actually like looking at every day. I like street fashion blogs with original photos. Anyways, I spent a few hours talking, shooting, and hanging out with Brian, the writer of Dirty Richmond and really enjoyed myself. He's mature beyond his years. What I thought was great was how many people knew him by name. I thought it was really classy of him. He'd make a great entrepreneur with social/networking skills like that. One person actually came up to us and asked him, "Aren't you Dirty Richmond?" which is pretty cool. Only being a college student, he is sort of a local celebrity. I look forward to meeting up with Brian again. Here are some action shots of him doing his thing.

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