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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Downtown... "Dr. Martins," Roanoke

I've always wanted a pair of Dr. Martin books, something about them is classic yet bass-ass at the same time. Ignore the stereotypes that are often associated with black Doc's, I will forever think these boots are sweet and never out of style. To add to it, I feel the only way they should be worn is with your pants rolled up as high as needed to show as much of the boot as possible. The gentlemen above got it right for sure. Its the Air Force Vet in me with a sweet love for all those years blousing my uniform pants high and ever so crisply to show off my freshly shined combat boots each day.  

Unfortunately my giant feet do make me feel as if I'm wearing moon boots vs. streamline British kicks, but from what I've seen, Dr. Martin has revaped their classic boot a with slightly more low profile fit. I may just have to give them another shot to satify the inner teenager in me who missed out getting a pair of the gum soled icons.

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