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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dowtown... Marion Square, Charleston

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

On the Runway.... Chris Benz

Camo is big again this year, this camouflage in particular is very popular. I've had a few people mention that its a "specialty made" remake of Army camouflage now using herringbone fabric to glam it up. Actually, this particular camouflage is called herringbone Twill, or H.B.T and was issued in the 1940's during WW-II. The patterned Chris used is the 2nd issue since the original was more green, or as it was called, "blue fatigues". The H.B.T fabric is everywhere right now. Check back in about a week, I'm doing a To Code: on how to wear camouflage properly.Good timing don't you think?

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Charleston Fashion Week - Chris Benz

Chris Benz was the featured designer Friday night at Charleston Fashion Week last week. His collection was full of color and lift, so fitting for spring in the South. I got to chat with him briefly while at the VIP party held at Hampden Clothing on King Street. See the photo below for how he showcased his collection at the event.

Here are some of my top pick from his runway show.

I loved the loose shape on top on this dress with its fitted bottom. The bead/rhinestone work on this dress was impeccable.

I'm in love with anything shear this season layered on solid colors, this tunic was to die for.

Again, these nude/tan colors are everywhere this season, I snapped a few photos of ladies wearing these shades on the streets a few times while down in Charleston.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

After Dark.... "Fabulous in Three," Charleston

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Charleston Fashion Week - Recap

I'm still recovering from Charleston Fashion Week. I hit the ground running Wednesday last week and don't get to slow down till about this Wednesday. Whats the problem? Fashion Week ended Saturday Night. Aside of that,  I'll be posting some shots from the runway this week to give me time to get through all the action from the streets.

I haven't been to Charleston Fashion Week for years, I went while I still lived in Charleston the second year it was held and its a completely different event. Its safe to say that Charleston Fashion Week is the the best Fashion Week event in the South, and possibly the best small city fashion weeks in the US. I've been saying this for years in my inner circle for a few, but Charleston Fashion Week its a fashion industry launch pad to New York.

Check back for Charleston Street Style goodness starting next week.

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After Dark... Charleston Fashion Week

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Downtown... "Fun With Models," King St., Charleston

What happens when you run into five Charleston Fashion Week Runway models? Magic I tell you. I can't wait to show you what I got from this bunch. I haven't had this much fun in numbers in Charleston since the "The Doorway" back in 2010.

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Charleston Fashion Week Preview - iPhone Style'n

I spend a lot of time shooting Street Style in the south, so having other people shooting and posing around me for streetstyle is a lot of fun. Some big cameras are floating around, but hands down the iPhone is king of Charleston Fashion Week photo opps.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Virginia Tech Fashion Show 2012 - Best In Show

Here we are! Again, thanks to the Virginia Techs Fashion Design Merchandising Society for sending me the invite to this years show, it was a lot of fun and has become something I look forward to each spring. Even though I didn't feature something by every designer featured in the show, all the girls (and one guy) did an amazing job and are beyond talented. Fashion is a tough industry, and the fact they can make something someone can wear is a feat in its self. I can talk about it style and fashion, but not make a napkin for the life of me.

On to the goods. No design is better than the other, they were just my top picks for whatever reason, there were so many great designs this year it made it hard for me to decided but here we go.

Maxi's were HUGE last year, the mix pastels with patterns on the bottom half, light mint green top, separated by that gold belt was just flawless. This dress had me at hello.

  Best Over all designer winner Kelsy killed it with this black and gold mini. Love the length in the sleeves, great for warm or cold weather wear. Where can I place an order?.... No seriously, my wife needs this dress.

Oh, where to start. This outfit by student designer Bronwyn Hairston had so many elements that make me weak in the knees, he has that aesthetic of a bygone era where women were just so effortlessly beautiful (even though we all know they took hours to get ready). First off, I adore polka dots, they are fun and cute. Blue is my go too all time favorite color, I wear it almost every day. When it comes to shorts on women, those skinny minis can keep their Daisy Dukes, I like my ladies in high wasted shorts that hit just above mid thigh. Shear tops layered with something more modest underneath is a look so big on my fashion radar right now. I want to see it everywhere!I think Brittany made this one just for me, I enjoyed watching it shown on the runway.

Again, great job to all the student designers at VT! Stay fabulous Hokies, stay fabulous.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Virginia Tech Fashion Show 2012 - Design Runners Up

Here are my top overall picks from the show last Friday at Virginia Tech. Check back tomorrow when I'll post my top three picks for "Best in Show" at the 2012 FMDS fashion show.

Student designer Mary Eileen Barber designed the top two dresses. The fuchsia dress above was so simple, but I loved how it draped and the color just stands out so well. I didn't think much of her second dress till I noticed the black polka dots on the right side.

There's that girl again.... Anyways, student designer Kelsy Dominick really worked hard this year, I remember her collection from last year and she really stepped it up. Absolutely loved this red rose dress. I want that girl and that dress for some Street Style shots like yesterday!

 I believe this was the only coat made and shown in this fashion show. It looked it was pretty made, what I liked was the lapel style collar and the oversize pockets.

Deep plunge collars are a fan favorite in my household (the wife really likes them). I've probably mentioned it a few times before, if your going to do black you have to do it well. The black belt detailing along the bottom of the dress was the selling point for me. Very subtle, very cool, its the un-boring little black dress (UB-LBD).

Now who's ready for the "Best in Show" tomorrow? I'll see you then.

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Virginia Tech Fashion Show 2012 - Honorble Mention

I felt the following designs were great, they weren't originally in the line up to be posted, but I felt they not only flattered the models so well, they could have easily worn these dresses to the after party. 

The train was cool, not that practical for real life wear, but looked great on the runway. (by student designer Brittany Michels).

I love this shade of green, the dress flattered the model so well, and I'm a sucker for A-line dresses. The sleeves were a nice touch of stylish modesty, and the overall look reminds me of Ann Miller in in the movie "On the Town." Student designer Samantha Skidmore is behind this, like I said in yesterdays post, the girls got some talent.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Virginia Tech Fashion Show 2012 - Double Take Looks

The following designs made me take a closer look a few times over. Either I wasn't in love the first time, or I'm still not sure what I think, over all they are great designs and easily ready for off-runway wear. What do you think of these designs?

 This dress was made by student designer Samantha Skidmore, I'm in a love hate relationship with this dress right now. Its has a formal gown feel which might be why I'm still back a forth. If you knew how many dances I went too as a teen you'd understand, lets just say I was the only 16 year old who owned his own tux. Would I take a date to a dance in this dress? Absolutely. That is if I still went to dances.

Samantha Skidmore showed her worth here again, I absolutely loved the purple roses in the detail of this design. I'm just trying to figure out how else the skirt could be worn. Samantha won Best New Designer by the way, I felt this was a accurate decision. 

I just want to know who the model is! Her face was like a porcelain dolls, and I liked the dress as well. This is the kind of stuff I'd prefer to see on game day, aside the fact its in the colors of that "other school." 

I liked this dress when I saw it on the runway, when I previewed in on my camera during the show I wasn't sold anymore. When I got home I kept going back and forth, and I'm still on the fence. Its fairly short, so its probably just my adult conscience kicking in trying to figure how it would look a bit longer for women who aren't 21. Whats your opinion on this last dress?

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Virginia Tech Fashion Show 2012 - Fitting the Theme

The shows theme was "Iconic Elegance," taking cue from old Hollywood for style inspiration. This dress by student designer Brownyn Hairston was great, no frills, simple, classic. I loved it.

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Virginia Tech Fashion Show 2012 - T-Shirt'n

The first two Tees were by Kid Dangerous out of LA. I was really feeling the maroon and black tee by student designer Brittany Micheals in the photo above, had a "Two-Face" thing going on.

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Downtown... "Red, Black, and Gold," Blacksburg

Featured on Style Street in The Roanoke Times.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Virginia Tech Fashion Show 2012 - My Thoughts

I'll be posting a series of photos from the FMDS fashion show at Virginia Tech this week. It will give me some breathing room while I get settled in at Charleston Fashion Week. Here are my thoughts before we get to photos tomorrow.

First off - the show yet again proved to be very entertaining and enjoyable to attend. I think there are a few basic rules to a fashion show to make it work: good seating arrangement, good models, good music, back stage nonsense stays back there, and great lighting. The planning crew behind the FMDS show has it down pretty well.

The looks: the student designers really stepped it up from last year's show. What I've noticed in many student or novice designers is a fine line between boring department store look-a-likes and costuming. This year, what I saw was a great range of practical wearable clothing with some developing style cues. I don't take pictures of every outfit, it's just not how I shoot. I'm looking for things I like and that standout, just as if I was out shooting street style. I spent a good bit of time holding down the shutter which says a lot about what I was seeing, which is a good thing.

The bad: It was very clear that many of the student designers picked out some stellar models who would look good wearing a handkerchief, but I do feel that the belly showing tops were a bit overdone. One minor point was wrinkles, some outfits could have been hit with the steamer or iron before being hung up. Then again, I'm just getting over critical with this one.

Conclusion: the Virginia Tech fashion design department has some talent, and the show they put on in the spring is hands down the best fashion show this side of DC or Richmond. I look forward to sharing what I thought stood out this week.

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Downtown... Campbell Ave., Roanoke

Featured on Style Street in The Roanoke Times.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Self Portrait...

I look a little fat here, but it was such a pretty sunset and fun time taking photos up on the mountains I figure I would share anyways.

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Downtown... Salem Ave., Roanoke

Featured on Style Street in The Roanoke Times.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

After Dark... DC Fashion Week, Washington DC

This lovely ladies name is Monte, she was a model during DC Fashion Week and actually resides in Lynchburg. Who knew?!

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Virginia Tech Fashion Show - Saint Patrick's Day Parade

I'm lining up for a great weekend here in Virginia.

This Friday evening, at Squires Student Center at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. I've been invited to attend this years Fashion Merchandising and Design Society spring fashion show. Doors open at 7:30 and the show starts at 8:00pm. I had a great time last year and look forward to attending again this week.

On Saturday, I'll be joining the folks at The Roanoke Times at this years Saint Patrick's Day Parade in downtown Roanoke. The parade starts at 11:00am and will travel down Jefferson St. to Campbell Ave. ending in the Market.

If you've been following the blog and have yet had a chance to meet me in person, these are two great opportunities to get to meet me in person, say hello, or even pose for a photo. I'm always grateful of my readers, and I like to thank you in person when ever I can. So do be shy and come up and say hello. 

I'll see you this Friday or Saturday!

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After Dark... DC Fashion Week, Washington DC

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Charleston Fashion Week - Street Style Hot Spots

Its about 9 days till Charleston Fashion Week officially starts. Although I won't be hitting the streets till that Thursday, I thought I would give you some tips on some of the places I'll be hovering during the weeks events catching the street style action coming to and from the shows. Of corse you can always look for me inside or directly outside the main event tents most of the weekend as well. (click picture to enlarge)

Now these won't be the only area's of downtown Charleston I'll be venturing to, If you recall from February when I posted one of this spots I've been dreaming up a photo. I've also got a few other locations around town I'll be setting up camp waiting of that magic moment to happen. Or at least enjoy the nice weather and scenery.

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Downtown.. Campbell Ave., Roanoke

Featured on Style Street in The Roanoke Times

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Downtown... Georgetown, Washington DC

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Downtown... Williamson Rd., Roanoke

Featured on Style Street in The Roanoke Times.

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Monday, March 5, 2012

After Dark... DC Fashion Week, Washington DC

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Charleston Fashion Week.

Welcome to March everyone! Time to celebrate your inner Irish and welcome in spring. March is also when the South's premier annual fashion gathering called Charleston Fashion Week takes place.

I'll be cruising the streets of the Holy City most of the week, then getting in on the action both in and out of the tent during the main shows on Friday and Saturday. I'll be posting a map with the areas I'll mostly likely be hovering highlighted if you want to come show me what you got. I'll also be setting up camp in the photo pit during many of the runway shows.

I'll be post a few more posts as the days get closer to CFW. Till then, for more info on Charleston Fashion Week check out If you haven't already got your tickets, head over there and orders yours now. Charleston Fashion Week takes place March 20-24 in Marion Square, downtown Charleston, SC.

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Downtown... Georgetown, Washington DC

Large scarves over more lightweight slimmer fitting clothing was on just about every lovely lady of DC. Most were doing it with a loose fitted top and skinny jeans or tights. It got a bit repetitive down the streets of our nations capital, but over all a look I really liked.

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

After Dark... DC Fashion Week, Washington DC

Over at Style Street, I'm starting to take photos for smaller details that cant been seen in my normal wide shoot. This would have been a prime candidate since the gauges (earrings) he was wearing had little pistols painted on them. A very nice touch and subtle detail. I guess I might start doing that some for A-POV as well.

Either way, nicely done Sir.

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